iOS 12.5.7. and Anki Mobile 2.0.74 / 2.0.79

I have Anki Mobile on my iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 2.
Both have iOS 12.5.7

I have Anki Mobile 2.0.74 (iPad Mini 2) and 2.0.79 (iPhone 6) installed on them.

In the App Store I get the information that I need iOS 14.5 or newer.
But I could install the last compatible version.

If I press on Install the pop-up appears again.

Are these the last compatible versions?

Sometimes when issues occur, I have to delete the app an re-install it.
Will I be able to reinstall Anki Mobile once I delete the app on my devices?
I could try this out but I’m afraid that Anki Mobile will be gone forever then.


Installing the latest compatible version has been possible from the previous purchases panel for years, I am not aware of any change regarding this.

Deleting Anki and reinstalling seems to be a common approach to troubleshooting for users here on the forum, but it is hardly ever necessary. Creating regular iOS backups in case of device trouble will likely help you more.

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2.0.75 bumped the minimum iOS to 12.3, and 2.0.84 to 13.4. So theoretically you should be able to use up to 2.0.83. The app store is run by Apple, so unfortunately I can’t offer any insight into why you wouldn’t have received an update past that. While I think you should be able to reinstall the app after removing it, I’m afraid it’s not something in my power to guarantee.


Thank you for your answer. I will try to contact Apple Support.

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