Starting Over Again

It’s been a long time since I used Anki. Now that I’ve come back to it I want to wipe everything and start afresh, even if it’s only to get the latest version and clear out all the old garbage that’s there!
My main reason for wanting a completely clean deck is because I didn’t really understand how Anki worked. I’ve carried out my research and have a better idea now.
One final point I work almost exclusively with my iPad and iPhone so I had to buy my original Anki. If I dispose of the old one will I have to buy a new one? I appreciate all my old information will be lost, finally what do I do with my iCloud account
Thanks for any advice you can offer

The purchase is linked to your Apple account, so if you use the same ID, you simply can download Anki again without paying again.

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Some more info: Reinstalling - AnkiMobile Manual

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