ReInstall App on a new Phone

Dear community!
2021 I bought the Anki app for 29,99€ and it was the best purchase ever. Now a have a new iPhone and wanted to reinstall the app for free. I don’t know why but AppStore tells me that I never bought the app so I would have to buy it new. Do you know if Anki is an Abonoment? I thought the amount of 29,99€ saves me a Lifelong access to Ankiapp… Do you have Experience with such a problem and solved it?
Thanks for your help. I appreciate!

You are right that Anki is a one-time purchase rather than a subscription. You evidently are experiencing some problems related to your Apple account. I would start by making sure you are signed in to the App Store using the same Apple ID as you used when you purchased Anki.

Please see this page for more info: Reinstalling - AnkiMobile Manual

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