Accidentally Synced Old Phone’s Anki, Lost Hundreds of Cards

Spent the day adding cards to my new decks for school on my iPad and went to run through some cards on my old Android. Got a pop-up saying something along the lines of “you can’t have ankiweb and anki mobile files, select one”, so I selected mobile not truly understanding what the pop-up meant and quickly realized every card/deck I have made on my iPad since starting school has been deleted.
I currently only have an iPad and have no way of connecting to a desktop to try and restore a backup through iTunes, as advised by manual. Please tell me my work isn’t lost. Please tell me there’s another way to recover…

You don’t need access to a computer to restore a backup, and there’s a decent chance there is an automatic backup available. Please see Preferences - AnkiMobile Manual


Thank you for the fast reply! The problem is I didn’t create the cards on the ankimobile app, I was using my iPad to create them on ankiweb, where there isn’t even an option to go to preferences. Does ankiweb store backups?

AnkiWeb only backs your collection up once a week. I’m afraid it appears the cards were added after the last backup, so they did not have a chance to get backed up before they were overwritten.

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Dang that’s what I get for being cheap and not downloading the app, thank you for your help and quick responses! At least I’m only on week 1 of school