I've accidentally reset all my cards getting back cards through back ups would make me lose a lot of progress

I was preparing for a French-speaking exam and had a separate deck for French practice. I decided to reset all the cards in that deck as I only used them before tests to memorise paragraphs in French. After finishing my Anki on Ankiweb on my computer, I turned off my phone to focus on studying. Later, I checked my phone out of boredom and saw that I had 88 new cards in my main deck. Upon browsing through all the cards, I realised that they had all been turned into new cards. Like an idiot I tried to sync my phone, hoping that the option to upload from Ankiweb would be there, but it proved to be unsuccessful. Unfortunately, the last automatic database save on my phone was almost a month ago, and going back to it would mean losing a lot of progress.

Can I revert to a version on Ankiweb or are there any other fixes? Any help would be really appreciated

I’m surprised AnkiMobile hasn’t saved any recent backups - to confirm, you’re checking via the Preferences>Backups screen? Have you adjusted your backup settings from the defaults? (30/12/10/9)

I may be able to restore from an AnkiWeb backup that could be a week old; please message me your AnkiWeb ID privately on https://anki.tenderapp.com/

Thank you for your response but I didn’t see this and I’ve been able to add most of the cards that were lost. Thanks once again

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