Anki cards got auto deleted, what options do i have now?


i got an email on 22th of April about me not logging in. I also switched my phone in the same time and now i have a new android phone which did not recover my AnkiCards and they are gone from remote.

I don’t have them on any client.

Any ideas on how i can recover them?



You can review all your decks here:
Decks - AnkiWeb

And non of my cards are there :frowning:

Your phone backups should be in:

Preferences > Backups

If you do not have a copy of your data on any of your devices, I’m afraid you’ll need to re-download or re-create it.

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If your deck was downloaded, re-download it.

If you created the deck yourself, create one new card in the new deck.

In either case, do a backup immediately. This will confirm that the backup process works as expected.

In my iPhone, I can’t force a backup. But I can change the backup interval from the current value of “60 minutes” to “1 minute”.

After 1 minute, verify that the backup succeeded.

ASAP, you should regress the backup interval to its previous value.

I was not able to find it anywhere and i was also nto able to find the android backup of my old phone.

An article describes that android backups are deleted from no longer used devices after 60 days as well.

I basically give up now :frowning:

At least anki tells me that i have finished my default deck whenver i open it.