New computer no anki backup--help!

Hi I had an anki desktop and mobile app but I think I accidently uploaded an empty database a few months ago which wiped all my previous cards. I also got a new computer so I don’t have the old backup file saved locally. Is there someone who can restore my old ankiweb database?

I had thousands of cards. Is there an admin or something that can retore a previous backup? This would be several months old as I’ve basically given up on trying to restore this until I found this forum. Thank you!!

You wiped your computer, but you said you have the mobile app. It usually has backups.

If it’s iPhone, then you can look at this: Preferences - AnkiMobile Manual

“Open the Backups section in the [Preferences screen], and tap on the backup you wish to restore to.”

And perhaps something similar for AnkiDroid.

Just checked, unfortunately doesn’t look like there are any backup copies–likely because I’ve switched iphones recently. (yes I know how ridiculous this sounds that I’ve lost both the backups on my PC and on my iphone…)

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