Any way to get a backup of the AnkiWeb data?


Is there any way to get a backup of the AnkiWeb data? Since I have mostly been using AnkiWeb instead of Anki Desktop, there is no recent backup of the cards.

I was looking through the forums and it seems like @dae this may be something you could help with? I would be eternally grateful if you could help take a look at this.

I should need backup from Feb 1, 2024.
Thank you,

Backup functionally is only available on desktop and mobile clients: Ankidroid and Ankimobile
Backups - Anki Manual

Ankidroid Beta is out

I can restore your AnkiWeb collection to a backup made on the 29th. Any additions/changes you made since then will be lost. Do you wish me to proceed?

Sure, please.
Thank you

I have reverted your collection to a backup. Please choose Download on the next sync.

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