Is it possible to access backup to AnkiWeb data?


Is it possible to get a backup of the AnkiWeb data?

Judging by similar posts, it seems like @dae is the man for the job?
Would this be something you could help with?
I would be positively delighted if you could help with this.

Any backup as close to the 02. june 2024 as possible
Thank you,

Do you have a reason that you need it, or are you just curious?

Whatever devices you are syncing with AnkiWeb have their own automatic backups – Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions . If you are looking for something, it will be easier to find in those than on a server backup – if one is available.

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Thanks for answering. I overwrote the data I had on AnkiWeb with data from my device, so I am in dire need of the server backup, sadly. :melting_face:

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Okay. Damien will be able to check the next time he’s online and he’ll let you know.

I’m afraid the last backup prior to that date is empty, indicating your AnkiWeb account was empty at that time.

Quite curious, since there’s been a small number of decks there for over a year, I think.
Thanks a lot for the assistance, nonetheless!

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The backup had three decks, but they had no cards in them.

Hello @dae

I have unfortunately made the same mistake as above, and overwritten my AnkiWeb collection with that of my device. I primarily use the AnkiWeb rather than the collection on my device, so I’d be super grateful if you could restore my collection too (the sync was made today).

AFAIK you can use Anki on most devices. Is there a particular reason you use AnkiWeb instead?

Recently I’ve been using Anki mostly while on-the-go, so AnkiWeb proved to be a lot more convenient for me. I started use of it (mistakenly) without syncing my collection, and avoided syncing in fear of losing any cards - though I made that exact mistake today.

FYI you have mobile versions of Anki.

You could’ve manually exported and combined your different decks/notes.

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I have restored your collection to a backup made yesterday. Choose Download on the next sync to grab it.

Thanks so much! Much appreciated.

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@dae, would it not be better to add an option on AnkiWeb so that users can themselves restore their collections? The time cost of developing such an option would likely be lesser than the sum of the time you spend restoring the collections of different users.

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