AnkiWeb data expired

Hello, I need help. Anki deleted my web backup, it was the only one I had. I’m very sad about it. Today I discovered in my span box an email stating “Deletion of your AnkiWeb decks | Account Expiry” from Jul 2, 2022. Gmail didn’t notify me and I usually don’t open the span box. Today I tried to open anki and all my data disappeared, years and years of very well planned and structured studies, everything done with greater effort, everything disappeared. Please help me. I’m afraid of receiving the worst news, that I’ll never see the whole deck I made with all the dedication in the world again.

You can take a look here to see all the backups Anki could have created, and try to find one, but if you really didn’t have any on your computer, and your account has been deleted, I am afraid there is nothing to be done.

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More info: AnkiWeb account removal - Frequently Asked Questions