Lost all my data on ankiweb

Hi There,

I need your help.
Last year around maybe Oct, I logged into anki web after didn’t use it for a very long time (Maybe 2-4 years). The website popped up something that may be related to agreements but I clicked the confirm button too fast and didn’t even see the content. After that, all my decks were gone.
In the first place, I thought what’s gone is gone I would just create new cards. But recently, I realized that I lost a lot of important data which I can’t find them back anymore. I tried to find backup files on my phone and my Windows computer but got nothing.
Any possible I can get the data back on the website side?
Thank you.

The chances of recovering data is slim, only @dae can check it

As AnkiWeb is a free service, we need to periodically delete unused account data in order to keep costs down. As mentioned in our terms of service, your data may be deleted if you have not accessed your account or synced in the last 6 months.

Once your deck data has expired, it is not possible for us to recover your data from AnkiWeb, but you may be able to recover it if you have a local copy.

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If you haven’t changed deleted them on your computer, they should still be there – both backups and your collection itself. If it’s been a few years, check both the current and former file locations – Managing Files - Anki Manual – or just search your whole system for Anki. (Same with your phone, so check the manual for whichever app you’re using to find the right location for the collection and backup files.)

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