All my decks are gone!

Haven’t used Anki in a long time. Opened it today, and everything is gone. backups, media, decks, *.apkg, everything. Been searching system backups for two hours (have a lot of them) but haven’t yet found one. Nothing on AnkiWeb either!

I can rebuild one deck from a spreadsheet, but all the rest are lost.

??? how?

My only guess is that Apple’s Migration Assistant decided not to import that directory when I got a new laptop. But that seems pretty unlikely.

I clicked reply, but …

Data from inactive accounts may be deleted after some months:

If you have made local backups you may recover your data. Otherwise, it’s going to be difficult to recover your cards, unfortunately.

Have you checked this?

I repeat, I know the locations, and I have months of backups. However, I could not find them in the backups either. Seems they were not transferred when I got a new laptop.

But, most of them were on the iPad, and I figured out how to get them back. It’s messy method, and I don’t recommend it. But for tech-savvy people, I’ll write it up when I have more time.