Yes, I know the location

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I have enough backups that it takes longer than two hours to search through them. And I am familiar with the the now empty locations because I have added tons of MP3s and images.

Three of the decks are still on an iPad but it says password is wrong when I try to sync. Is there a way to transfer a backup from iPad to laptop.

I clicked “reply” so I don’t get how it started a separate thread.

I did get the iPad backups onto the laptop and restored, but of course no media. Are there backups of Ankiweb

Unless the files were present on AnkiWeb in the last few weeks, it will not be possible to recover them from AnkiWeb. Do the media files work on your iPad? If they work there, they should be transferrable by exporting a collection package with media included.

I figured out how to find the media I wanted and documented the method in