Interaction of sync with DB check

Don’t know whether these two items are related, but

  1. If I change or add tags on the iPad, then sync, the desktop version does not show the tags until I check database.
  2. If I sync from the iPad, then check DB and sync again, the second sync shows 128 changes.

Do you sync at the start and end of each session? The tag list syncs from whichever device was modified most recently, so if you use a device without syncing at the start, when you do sync it can cause any pending tags from your other devices to be dropped until you use the DB check.

Laptop syncs on open and close. It is only used to add new items. All other edits are done on the iPad which is sync’d before and after each session. So a tag is added on the iPad, and transferred to the laptop by sync. But the laptop Anki doesn’t show them until after the check.

FROM the iPad, sync should have transferred all changes. But if I do a check DB, then sync again (no edits), it appears to have more changes to send in.

So I have adopted the habit of doing both sync and check frequently.

It seems that doing a DB check causes an upload of 128 items even if all other changes are already sync’d. So that is (I suppose) unrelated to the tags not showing after sync.

The tag list is rebuilt as part of the DB check. Perhaps you have 128 tags in your tag list?

After ensuring tags are in sync, if you update to 2.1.38beta3, are you able to reproduce the not-syncing issue?

They do sync; but the browser doesn’t show them until after the check. And it’s quite possible I have that many tags, although I would expect the number to vary slightly, because there are four tags I add on the iPad to remind me of work that has to be done on the laptop. Those go away when the work has been done.

Did you test with 2.1.38beta3?

Did not, and now can’t