Sync Error, Ipad

Recently I’ve been getting the following message when trying to sync Anki, ipad version.
“Error. Please use the Check Database function, then sync again. If problems persist, please force a full sun in the preferences screen.”

I use the check database function on the ipad and on my Macbook Pro. Sometimes the problem resolves, but at the moment it doesn’t seem to want to resolve and I’m stuck not being able to sync my Ipad’s Anki database.

Any ideas why this keeps happening?

Did you force a full sync? That should allow you to sync successfully again. A bug has been discovered in the current release where this can happen when undoing (particularly in a custom study/filtered decks with the v2 scheduler), and an update with a fix for this should be available in a few days.

After changing decks to sub-decks I got the same error. Convert subdecks to decks again and then make them subdeck one by one by syncing after each step.