Syncing error requiring a Force Full Sync

I am getting this error multiple times a day: “Error: Please use the Check Database function, then sync again. If problem persists, please force a full sync in the preferences screen.”

Two weeks ago I wanted to work ahead as I was going to have little time to work on my ANKI cards the next week. So I am wondering if my advancing the date to a future date so that I could work ahead, as a workaround, may have come back to bite me. Or, if my problem has nothing to do with that.

I go through the check database function and since that does not work, I do the force a full sync after that. It works fine for a while. But then a few hours later, I have the same problem all over again. Any suggestions on how I can get out of the dog house would be very appreciated.

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Thanks, not just me then:

Please follow the steps I mentioned on the linked thread to resolve the issue. I suspect the root cause here is a bug related to undoing cards in the v2 scheduler with AnkiMobile, and I suspect the issue will not reoccur if you switch to the v3 scheduler in preferences>review>scheduling.

Damien, I have never experimented with the scheduler.

I just followed your instructions and switched to v3. Thanks, Damien.

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So far so good, today. Thanks.