Unexpected full sync

@dae Today 4 users have already contacted me that describe an error like the one mentioned in this thread:

  • When trying to sync they get the message: “Please use the Check Database function then sync again. If problems persist, please force a full sync in the preferences section.”
  • If they check the database no problem is found and if they try to sync again the problem repeats.

They are using Anki 2.1.44. One was using Anki 2.1.35 when the problem occurred but it also persisted after upgrading.

Forcing a full sync seems to be a solution, but still it’s weird that exactly today so many users encountered this problem. They were quite scared as they have exams soon.


I was also having this issue!

Just wanted to add that to solve, I had to “Upload to AnkiWeb” when doing the forced sync, rather than “Download to AnkiWeb”. Otherwise, it would keep happening.

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Thanks for letting me know; I’ve deployed a fix to AnkiWeb. AnkiWeb was getting confused by a difference between older and newer clients, causing it to think the sync had failed when it hadn’t. Both uploading and downloading should now resolve the message, and it shouldn’t come back. Apologies to anyone who was affected by this. :frowning: