After sync: can't view cards by tags, media not showing up on mobile devices

I have been using Anki for a year with no problems. Last week I purchased Anki Mobile so that I could use flashcards on the go, but no media shows up on the cards on my mobile device. I have checked the box “Synchronize audio and images too” on my desktop app preferences, and I have left the desktop app running all night to give it time to sync everything. When I “Check Media” on my mobile device, it essentially tells me every file is missing. Most of this media is from Anking, but some of it is screenshots from flash cards I’ve made manually.

Also, I can no longer search for Anking cards by tags in my desktop app. All my tags are still typed out in the “tags” box when I edit at my cards, but it’s like Anki isn’t recognizing them as tags. When I select a tag, it says “0 of 0 cards shown.” This essentially makes my entire Anking deck useless. I don’t have the same problem with the cards that I have made and tagged manually.

This has been frustrating because not only was the $25 app mostly useless; it also messed up my desktop cards.

Any advice?

I can’t seem to reproduce the tags issue - please follow the steps on the following link and then let us know if the problem continues.

The media issue is likely that the sync was interrupted or had not finished. Please sync your computer and then confirm “media sync complete” is shown, and then sync your mobile device and wait for “media sync complete” to show. If the sync gets interrupted, syncing again will continue where it left off: Syncing in Anki: Sounds and Images - YouTube