Media will not sync to anki mobile

I have been having troubles getting the images to sync to my mobile anki app on my iPad and on my iPhone. The images are showing up as blank boxes on my anki mobile app despite having done a forced sync uploading from Anki web. The images are still showing on my desktop anki version. I have ran in to this problem in the past when I download large pre-made decks so I tried deleting a couple of my decks so I had a significantly smaller file to sync, but the images still will not show up on my anki mobile apps. I’m not sure what else to try at this point, so I would appreciate any help! Thanks!

I did the ‘check media’ function and it said zero missing, and I haven’t deleted any files or messed with anything recently. Every time I sync on my desktop anki the circle spins for a much longer time than it usually did so I’m wondering if there’s a different way I can do a force sync from anki desktop to anki web maybe? Thanks for your help!

It sounds like your media may not have finished syncing yet - please take a look at Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions

If you continue to have problems after confirming “media sync complete” is shown, please use “check media” on the device that’s failing to show images - what does it say?

Thank you that helped! I did the ‘check media’ function and it showed that I had 60,000 unused so I deleted all of them and re-synced and now my media are showing up on my mobile app. Thanks again :slight_smile: