Images not displaying on AnkiMobile

I downloaded a deck online and do not have any issues with any cards on my desktop but none of the images show up on my iPad. I have waited for my iPad to fully sync, including media. I also made sure to enable “sync sounds and image.” I have synced my desktop version several times and then tried syncing the mobile version after each time but not a single image will display. I’m not sure what to do because I mainly use my iPad for my review.

Does your computer also report “media sync complete”? If you view the cards on AnkiWeb, do the images appear there?

My computer tells me the cards are synced. I have kept anki open and there is no message saying the media is synced. I just checked ankiweb and they are missing there too.

can you do a force sync and provide your media log?

I did the force sync and nothing changed. I also tried opening anki on my other computer and the images won’t load there either.

Here is the media log.
Screenshot 2023-09-20 150600

You somehow managed to delete the bulk of your media from AnkiWeb. I’ve restored the files for you; if you sync again now, you should find it downloads to each of your clients.

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