Missing files only on anki mobile

Some of my images will not load on to my anki mobile devices, and when I click ‘check media’ it shows that I am missing ~200 files only on my anki mobile device. When I check media on my anki web it shows zero missing files. I have forced sync to my anki mobile devices, but it still shows missing media. How do I fix this issue? Thanks!

Please sync the computer version and confirm “media sync complete” is shown. Then please sync AnkiMobile. Does it say “media sync complete” there too? Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes both of them I have let completely sync, and the initial sync took a lot longer on my AnkiMobile and it said ‘media sync complete’, but when I check media it shows that I am still missing 200 files on my AnkiMobile. I think it may be an issue with syncing on my computer version because it takes a lot longer for the arrow to stop spinning when I sync than it previously has. When I check media on my computer is shows 0 missing files. Is there a different way I can sync from my computer version to make sure it’s really uploading everything to AnkiWeb? Otherwise how can I restore the files on my AnkiMobile?

I narrowed down the problem to be with my anki desktop not properly uploading to anki web because when I go to the anki web it still will not show images on the cards I’m making. I have tried redownloading the anki app on my computer to make sure it’s up to date, I’ve tried restarting my computer, I’ve tried a forced one-way sync from my anki desktop to ankiweb and still nothing is fixing the issue. Do you know anything else I can try??

Please check the media syncing log of the computer, and restart the sync if it doesn’t show “media sync complete” (to find the media log, please see the link posted above)