Anki Images don't display on mobile app but display on computer app and anki web

Hello! I just bought the mobile anki app and it says all my images are missing. an example of this is “an image is missing: tmpdvkgigrp.jpg” showing a blue box with a question mark in it. All these images were added on the desktop app using the image occlusion add on. I have tried logging in and out, waited until everything finished syncing, and tried to edit the card template as the instructions say when I click on the blue box with the question mark but none of it works. The images appear on my computer app as well as anki web, but not on the mobile app. Not sure what I should do.

Thank you so much in advance for your help

If the same cards are displaying correctly on AnkiWeb, that indicates media has been sent to AnkiWeb, but implies media has not finished syncing on mobile yet. Are you sure AnkiMobile has shown “media sync complete”? Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions

resolved thank you so much!!

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