Image Occlusion Cards not appearing on Ankiweb or mobile app

Hi. I recently made several new decks for school, and all of the image occlusion cards appear fine on the Anki Mac interface download, but on the Anki mobile app, I keep receiving the same error that says “An image is missing: More info” with a question mark in a box appearing in place of the image. Additionally, when I try to access the same cards on Anki Web, I receive an error that says “Card not fully rendered”. The images on all of the image occlusion cards do not appear.

I made sure to sync all the cards I created and waited until it said: “sync complete”. I confirmed that all the media cards were properly synced as well. I read through many forums, discussions, and the user manual to try to figure out this issue, however, nothing has worked. I tried editing the card template, and that also did not work.

I added photos of everything for clarification.

My exam is coming up soon and I would like to be able to access these cards across my devices.

Thank you for your time and help.

It may just take more tries – Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions .

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If problems persist, please update your computer version to the latest version, and ensure it shows ‘media sync complete’. Then sync AnkiMobile and ensure it also says ‘media sync complete’. If issues continue even after that, what happens if you review the problem cards on - do the images show up there?

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