Pics not showing up on my anki mobile app

Hi just got the anki mobile app. Followed instructions in the manual and got my cards to be transported over from the anki computer version. However, the pictures are not showing up on the cards. I have waited until I receive the message “sync complete” to view my cards, additionally I do have the “sync sounds & images” enabled. Can someone please help? Ive read some of the threads on similar issues but none of the suggestions have help thus far…

Copying my reply from the other site:

Please sync the computer version and make sure ‘media sync complete’ appears there first. If it does, please log in to AnkiWeb and check that images show up when studying there. If they do, please sync AnkiMobile once more and wait for ‘media sync complete’. If issues persist after that, please point me to a particular card in your collection that is not showing images, and I’ll look it up.

thank you so much…that worked!