Anki mobile and photos from ankiweb are not syncing

i recently bought the anki mobile app on my phone and ipad however no photos are coming up on any of my cards. i have synced them multiple times from ankidroid, ankiweb and ankiapp and nothing. i went onto my media and all of the url from the photos and screenshots are there and it says they are unused, how do i get these onto my cards? or can i get a refund?

So you have cards with images that are displayed on the desktop version of Anki, AnkiDroid and AnkiWeb, but not Anki for iOS/iPadOS? You did a full sync and when you click preferences → check media, all your files are displayed as unused?

Regarding refunds: Requesting a refund for AnkiMobile - Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for the reply but I was doing some more searching and found someone in a similar position and someone else suggested that you can’t see the images because it’s in typing mode and I changed my cards out of typing mode and I can see my pictures :slight_smile:

So this was the missing dot :smile: Happy learning!

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