Photo's not showing up on iphone app


I recently bought the anki app for iphone. (I am currently using an iphone 6) and I synced all the decks from my anki web, it shows that everything has been synced, but the pictures are not showing up in the app… any suggestions?


Please confirm media has finished syncing: Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions


Its been 3 days, and I have synced it multiple times and every time it says the syncing is complete. Is there any way to confirm that the images did sync and this is not just an upload issue?

If your mobile device is showing “media sync complete”, that implies the issue lies between your computer and AnkiWeb. Please confirm “media sync complete” is shown on your computer, and then repeat the process on your mobile device. If problems persist after that, if you view a card on AnkiWeb that is not appearing correctly on your mobile device, does the image appear on AnkiWeb?