The App on my phone doesn‘t show pictures

I create my cards on my IPad, using a lot of screenshots. With the cards I created about a few months ago, when I got Anki, there was no problem whatsoever. But lately, my phone (IPhone) is not able to show the pictures, instead there ist just this little cube. Whereas on my MacBook there is no problem. I already deleted and reinstalled the app on my phone, but that didn‘t work either. Any ideas?

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check AnkiWeb to see if your collection has media. image
if it does not, on your macbook go to “Tools” and see if “Synchronize audio and images too” is checked (Tools -> Network: if you’re using newer versions of anki)

if it’s not checked, enable it and sync your collection

Please sync again and make sure you wait for media to finish downloading:

I’ve been having the same problem. I confirmed that the media is there on AnkiWeb.
I confirmed that my phone’s memory is not full.
When I look at Check Media, I see:

Missing files: 4373
Unused files: 2627

followed by a long list of the referenced cards that are missing from the media folder.

It seems that the syncing just doesn’t finish-- It always pauses when I use a different app, let my phone go to sleep, or turn off my phone.

I have to keep hitting syncronize, and it continues downloading more files. When I hit syncronize again after the spinning wheels appear you can see the Media Sync Log show that more files are coming. And when I go through my cards, I see that more of them seem to have the complete media.

I know the deck I downloaded is really big (CheasyDorian for MD3) but I expected the sync to be a little smoother. Still awaiting the message “media sync complete”.

Background syncing was added recently, and it seems to have introduced some confusion, so I will be making some tweaks in the next update. In the mean time I’ve updated the above link to add the following:

If you have a lot of media, the initial sync may take quite a while, and if you leave your device unattented, the screen may turn off, interrupting the sync. To prevent this from happening, you can go into iOS’s settings screen, and temporarily turn off auto lock in the display preferences. Once syncing is complete, you can turn it back on again. Future AnkiMobile versions will likely do this automatically for you when the syncing screen is visible.