Images Not Showing Up on iPhone App or AnkiWeb

I just purchased AnkiMobile for my iPhone and all of my images show up as white boxes, including on the edit screen. Images on AnkiWeb also show up as the broken image icon.

I create my anki cards on my Microsoft surface. When I study using my surface, I am able to see all images.

I have confirmed, “media sync complete” and enabled sounds/images in syncing preferences. When I “check media,” there is a long list of missing files. What does this mean and how do I fix this?


If images are broken on AnkiWeb but working in the computer version, that seems to indicate the computer version hasn’t finished syncing the media yet - did you wait for “media sync complete” to appear on the computer first? Could you let me know your AnkiWeb email in a private message so I can look things up for you?

@dae I am also having this problem. I make my cards on my Microsoft surface and am able to see images while studying on surface. However, they are white boxes on my iPhone app (including edit) and AnkiWeb. I have confirmed media sync complete and enabled sound/image syncing. What can I do to fix this?

I am also having the same issue with my surface. The images are working on the laptop but not on ankiweb or iphone app. Media has synched too.

If you have confirmed “media sync complete” shows up both when syncing computer version and mobile, please create a post on with your AnkiWeb ID, and an example card that is not working, and confirm if it works with AnkiWeb.