Images not showing on Mobile App

I have been trying to use the mobile app however my images are not visible for the cards that i uploaded via the computer app, and instead are replaced by a small square. I have not had this issue previously, and my friends have the same issue. The images are visible on both the Mac application and on AnkiWeb. Some photos do show on the app, however the majority do not.

I have seen that media takes some time to load across but the decks had been uploaded weeks ago and are still are not viewable.

I have also read online that it may be an image format type issue but that wouldn’t explain why i can see the images on both ankiweb and also the computer app.

I have attempted to paste an image of the issue below:

Please make sure you let the sync finish - it will be interrupted if you turn off the display or switch apps. Does it say “media sync complete”?:

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