Recovering my anki decks

I was chatting with apple support today and the agent had me factory reset my computer without telling me what I was doing. Now, I’ve lost all of my anki decks. I tried checking Application support → anki2 → User1 → backups, but nothing is there because all of the backups were deleted in the reset. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to recover my previous anki decks? I don’t know if they save in the cloud anywhere to my Anki account or something like that. I also had iCloud Drive enabled if that would help at all.

If you had an Anki account, and you sinced your collection before, you still can recover you card collection easily. Try loggin toAnkiweb to check if your cards are still there. If so, you just need to syncronize your device with Ankiweb (make sure you DONWLOAD your data from ankiweb to your device).

If you never synced your data with ankiweb and never made a manual backup of your collection elsewhere, I’m afraid that it’s going to be difficult to recover your cards.


You are amazing. Absolute lifesaver.