Anki deck disappeared

My Anki deck has disappeared and I need it , any advice

I thank you, but I think they disappeared before the date the furthest back backup as I made them in march and my oldest back up is from about a week ago

also I have all of these unused files in my media and I don’t know if it’s these but don’t know what to do with them or how to check them

You appear to have a bunch of decks in your AnkiWeb collection. Were you already able to recover your data? If you meant that you’ve lost one deck, did you try searching in the Browse screen for some of the card content, to see if the cards are in another deck? I’m afraid if you can not locate the deck in any of your available backups, it will not be possible to recover the data.

Regarding the media files, there is no easy to inspect them within AnkiMobile, and you’d need to manually create an image tag that referenced them. If you have access to the computer version of Anki, you could look at the images using a file manager.

Thank you, how do I see if my deck is in one of the backups?

I’ve realised a few of my decks that I made in a week in march have disappeared and I really need this, is there any way to get them back

I’m afraid as mentioned above, if you’re unable to locate the cards in your backups, it will not be possible to recover them.