AnkiWeb and v3 Scheduler

Since the v3 scheduler is working for me on AnkiDesktop but not on AnkiMobile, I tried it on AnkiWeb, which the docs say should work, and I couldn’t get it to work there either. Here’s what I did. Am I doing something wrong?

First, I put in some minimal code to have it log to the console and stop in the debugger

This worked just fine on Anki Desktop:

but doesn’t seem to have any effect on AnkiWeb:

Am I doing something obvious wrong? Could this be related to the AnkiMobile problem? (I don’t have a Mac so not sure how to bring up the web debug console on AnkiMobile). Anyway, I hope the additional detail is helpful.

It hasn’t been implemented yet on AnkiWeb I’m afraid - from that page:

Because this is implemented in JavaScript, it is not limited to the computer version. AnkiMobile supports it as well, and AnkiWeb and AnkiDroid may support it in the future too.