Is there any chance of a load balancer being added to anki?

I understand that there is an addon for it and it works fine, but I mostly do my cards on mobile. Ankidroid says it won’t add anything to it’s scheduler that is different from what anki upstream has, which basically means I can’t use a load balancer. It would be nice if a feature like this could be an opt in feature in the standard client so that it could work it’s way to the greater anki ecosystem that doesn’t have access to addons. It seems like it is one of the more commonly used addons, so maybe that means it is something that should be added directly to anki itself.

Hopefully this isn’t off topic or disallowed.


I second this.
I create on desktop, review on iOS.

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I third this.

To be more explicit about what this feature request is, it’s essentially what this addon does:

The basic idea is that instead of randomly scheduling a card within its fuzz range, the card gets scheduled to the day within its fuzz range that has the least scheduled reviews so far.

Conceptually it’s a really simple change to the scheduling algorithm, and it keeps the number of reviews very even from day to day.

Honestly, I think it’s just hands-down a better fuzzing behavior, and IMO should be the default. Totally random fuzzing results in too much variance, with some days just randomly having way more reviews due than other days. You can mitigate that to some extent with the max reviews setting, but then you have to be really on top of adjusting that setting as your average daily number of reviews increases/decreases, lest you get a large backlog of reviews (if it’s too low) or it doesn’t really even your reviews out (if it’s too high). With balanced fuzzing, on the other hand, it all Just Works™ automatically.