AnkiDroid, FSRS, AutoSync and Load Balance

I am using 2.17 alpha 5 edition right now. I do most of my reviews on my phone. Both my PC and Phone have the FSRS option ON. But when i check my PC after reviewing on my phone. FSRS Helper says, x cards rescheduled. Why does this happen? Maybe FSRS on my phone does not work? Or maybe its load balancing?

FSRS is not yet integrated into AnkiDroid, so the Helper addon will check what you have studied via AnkiDroid and reschedule according to the FSRS algorithm, as far as I know.

With 2.17 ankidroid supports FSRS. I can see it in settings as well.

Oh, ok, I thought the integration was not completed yet even in alpha. Maybe @L.M.Sherlock can give you more info about what the helper addon is doing.

If you enable auto reschedule after sync, it is irrelevant whether those cards are reviewed by FSRS.

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So even if i have it open, nothing changes? pc just reschedules them to what was before while applying Load Balance?

AnkiDroid doesn’t implement Load Balance. The add-on will apply it during rescheduling after sync.

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I am kind of dumb so i want to make sure. So, if AnkiDroid gives me 10 days after hitting easy. When is sync with PC, it will reschedule to 10 days again. So nothing will change. But since i have load balance open, that will be applied as well. Right? Load balance will be like, there are lots of cards that day, i should take this a day after. Is this correct?

If you disable Load Balance, the reschedule will output the same schedule for your cards reviewed in AnkiDroid. But if you enable Load Balance, the output will be different.

What would you suggest me to do?

Please enable load balance and auto reschedule in your Anki PC.

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Thank you very much! So sorry for taking your time :sob:

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