Load Balanced Scheduler update for the current version

I have updated Anki to the ⁨2.1.47 version.
The “Load Balanced Scheduler” add-on seems not to work - I added logging to the file in the add-on code: at the add-on load temp file is created and each method invocation writes info to the file.
The file is created, but nothing is logged.
I suspect, that the binding fuzz calculation handler is broken, however, I am not that experienced with Anki dev to know how to fix that:

if version.startswith("2.1"):
    from anki.schedv2 import Scheduler
    anki.schedv2.Scheduler._fuzzedIvl = load_balanced_ivl

I checked in Anki source, that anki-main/pylib/anki/scheduler/v2.py contains the Scheduler class with the _fuzzedIvl method. I am puzzled, why substitution seems to not work.