Query on FSRS Helper Addon

I am using Anki Version ⁨2.1.56 Qt 5 with V3 Scheduler.

I want a “Load Balancing” feature for my Anki which I find is available in the Addon “FSRS Helper (Postpone & Advance & Load Balance & Easy Days & Disperse Siblings)”,
But I dont want the FSRS Scheduler, I want to carry on with the Anki default Algorithm (SM-2),
So my question is if I install this addon to only use the “Load Balancing” feature will the FSRS scheduler automatically take over the SM-2 scheduler ?

If you install this add-on to only use the “Load Balancing” feature and don’t enable FSRS scheduler, the add-on will pop-up a warning to require you to enable FSRS.

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Anki in the future will support Load Balancing natively. So that’s a good news.

Are you finding FSRS inconvenient or any other reason you want to stick to SM2?

So you mean to say that the addon will not work without the FSRS scheduler enabled ?

The thing about FSRS is that I dont know what it is and dont have time to read about it thats why I want to stick to something I am well aware and used to. I am familiar with the settings and know abouts of the Anki default Algorithm.

Yes. That’s why it’s named FSRS Helper.

The addon page reads that

  • For Anki version in 2.1.55 - 2.1.66
    • Enable V3 Scheduler
    • FSRS4Anki scheduler version >= 3.0.0

Where will I get FSRS4Anki scheduler version >= 3.0.0 ?

Given that version number is generally bumped when new version is released I think you already have >3.0.0

As I said Load Balancing will be implemented in Anki. You can actually check out the Github repo of Anki. If you can work on this all of us will be benefitted. :bowing_man:

Please read this tutorial:

By the way, the old FSRS scheduler has been outdated and nobody maintains it. I recommend updating to the Anki 24.04 to use the built-in FSRS.