How can I schedule days off?

I have experienced burnout in the past using Anki because I do not know how to or if I can schedule days off.

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Anki doesn’t have a built-in feature to do this, but you can skip some days and catch up on the extra cards the next day.

Us the FSRS4 helper addon to take a break on specific days of the week.

FSRS4Anki Helper

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I am using ankidroid.
The last version is 2.16.5 so I have no idea on how to use the addon which numberd does absolutely not correspond to my version.

I am on the verge of an anky burnout too.

I need to be able to postpone ALL cards by one day.

Is there a simple way to do that?

I really don’t care about algorithm or whatever, I need to be able to program a day off with postponing all cards by 1 day.

No cheap trick, I do 3 hours of anki a day, I won’t just leave them the way, I don’t need any half baked advice, I only need to postpone all due dates by a day.

Please help me.


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