Graduating a card without clicking easy

Is there a way to graduate a card to be reviewed tomorrow without having to click easy and sway its perceived difficulty by Anki.

I always hated resheduling because it would increase the ease of my cards to 250 percent, but I never thought about raising an issue until fsrs was already in pipeline. Now it’s already fixed lol. @DerIshmaelite use reschedule feature. I don’t think it messes up future scheduling as someone told me in fsrs issue tracker that I can use it if I want a different interval for a card although I would like someone else to confirm it.

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Are you thinking of Reschedule on AnkiDroid? AnkiDroid 2.16 User Manual
Or Set Due Date on AnkiDesktop? Browsing - Anki Manual

They are similar functions, but behave slightly differently.

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But is there no faster keyboard shortcut :smiling_face_with_tear:

Ankidroid has so I’ll assume you can do that even on desktop.

There is this shortcut Ctrl + Shift + D and then you set the number of days you want to advance the card to. The thing is, I want to do all this with a simple click of a button to push the cards only 1 day. I did not find a way until now…

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