Feature Request: Button to graduate card to next day without clicking Easy

1 is for Again
2 is for Hard
3 is for Good
4 is for Easy

Something like a 5th button (Graduate or Skip) for a card that you feel like you can skip its learning phase of but not let the algorithm deem it as easy for it to be pushed way further ahead in the future, would be very helpful.

Does burying the card manually suit your needs? It’s in the More menu in the bottom right, or with the keyboard shortcut “-”

No, because I still need to advance the card in the scheduler as I suggested. I need a graduate to 1d direclty (without going through the learning steps)

You can mark such cards and then transfer them through the browser for 1 day.

I think doing a combination of these will give you what you want. Flag (instead of Mark, so it’s at the card level) and bury. When you’re done studying, search flag:X is:buried, select all, Set Due Date 1!.

Flagging wont work for me as all flags are all occupied for different purposes. So really just a new button would be the only option for me in my case. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

You have made it clear that you are generally determined to be averse to anyone else’s ideas for accomplishing a goal. But rather than waiting for a feature (that might only be important to you) to be implemented – you might want to consider other ways to get to the same place.

  • The primary reason not to use flags for long-term labelling is to avoid running out of them. Perhaps one of those flags could be replaced by a tag instead?
  • Perhaps you could use a tag/mark on the note for this purpose, and add rated:1 to the search you run afterwards [will only work if you grade them at least once], so you only pull the correct card out of the siblings?

A tag wont work as all my cards are cloze cards. Tags apply to the whole note and not the cards seperately.

You can also use Set Due Date directly from the Reviewer.


Even easier! :pray:t4:

I wonder if you have too many steps in the learning. Maybe decrease the steps, but mark the cards as hard if it’s not easy. During learning, if it’s hard, it won’t graduate to the next day.

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Hmm I have 5 learning steps. I had the idea that pressing hard is generally a bad idea tho for FSRS, so i press only 2 buttons (Again and Good).

You should definitely complete all the steps within the same day. I agree that you want to use Hard judiciously - use it when you got the answer, and use it when it wasn’t easy. Most of my responses are good.

I only have 3 steps. 1 minute for misses, 10 minutes, one 1 hour, and then the next day (or whatever the algorithm says as it’s sometimes longer). Five steps would drive me crazy.

I have found that if I know it well after an hour, I usually know it the next day.

What do you study if I may ask

Excellent question.

Portuguese. I have cards based on the 2-4 facts deck that I shared.

The Portuguese deck has notes with fields picture of item, spelling of item, and audio. The sounds and some of the pictures are copyrighted, so I can’t share it.

I have geography flash cards. Just want to learn the countries. I used to compete with my son, but it got boring because I was studying them.

I have medical cards. I got tired of forgetting things in my medical practice. Lately, I have been using Anki to review and learn NEJM physical exam videos. I figure it’s always good to strengthen the basics.

I also copy multiple choice questions into Anki. Again, copyrighted, so I can’t share.

Finally, I have been trying to learn chess my whole life. I like learning more than playing. I’ve been using Anki to learn openings from a couple of repertoire books. I know it’s good to understand the moves, but I figure I’d have more fun learning a bunch.

That is a very varied collection you have there. I am studying Medicine and 3 steps did not work well with me (unless I was doing something very wrong - I kept forgetting the things I learned the very next day, when I didnt have the luxury to do so, for we had oral tests every single day). Maybe because of me and my own smooth brain. I was actually thinking of increasing it up to 6!

I have heard people do sometimes make it 2 or even 1. So how do you make it so that 3 steps alone suffice for your learning.

What are your steps?

I find that if I remember it after an hour, then I’m good for the next day. But 2 and 3 days often get me, so I’ve started grading more as hard.

I used to do a 4 hour step, but it didn’t make it harder when I got rid of it.

Mine are 1s 67s 271s 1084s 4336s.

The reason why they are weird is because I have tried calculating my best learning steps

Almost all the add-ons for adding buttons seem to be broken.
(Probably all of them were destroyed by V2 → V3 update)

I think the 1 second is not needed. You should be repeating any answer you got wrong before moving on.

67s is good for missing it.

I bet you would be fine skipping 271 seconds also.

If you need more practice, then rate it as hard. The algorithm recognizes the ratings in the calculations. And more importantly, it adjusts the short term repeat.

I recently stopped showing when I would see the card next to keep me honest about the ratings. I also don’t show how many cards are left to make it harder to know if the card is new for the day (I usually remember seeing it, but not always!)

How far along are you in medicine? Sounds like 1st or 2nd year medical school with daily quizzes.

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