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Request: Option to Disable "Easy" for Cards Seen In Last X Minutes

First: thanks for Anki. I love it.

I would find it very useful to have an optional setting available that would hide the “easy” button for any card seen within the last x minutes (the user should be able to set the value of x).

If the only reason a card was easy for me is because I have seen it multiple times within a short period, then I don’t think it is a good idea to actually click “easy.” But right now there is nothing in Anki helping me to avoid doing this.

Suppose I see a new card for the first time. I get it wrong, so I click “again.” Then it comes up again within a minute or two. Now it is easy for me because I just saw it recently. But if I click “easy,” then it will skip all the learning steps and won’t come up again for four days (assuming I’m using the default settings). Given that I got it wrong initially, it’s unlikely that I want to skip the learning steps and have a starting interval of four days. The card wasn’t really easy, it just seemed easy when I had seen the answer a minute or two before the current time.

I could just never click “easy” in these situations, but with many new cards each day it becomes difficult to remember which ones exactly I have already seen.

(I’m on desktop version 2.1.15 on Ubuntu, by the way, though I don’t think it matters much for what I’m saying.)

Alternatively, a setting that allowed me to disable the easy button altogether for any card in the learning stage would work just as well. Learning steps tend to be short and review steps tend to be long, so this would work fine.