Learning steps are stepping on my nerves!

Hello my fellow AnKings & AnQueens! Before this last update my learning steps for the SECOND time I saw a card was as follows: Again (<10m) Hard (4d) Good (6d) Easy (Not sure because I never use that option). I liked these settings because I thought 4 days was good for a card that I thought was hard after seeing it for the second time. After the update my Hard step on the second day is at 1d now which I don’t like. My settings are exactly the same as they were before so I am not sure why only the Hard option has changed. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this so I can get it back to normal? I have attached pictures of my settings. To add to this, I have tried changing the 1d learning step to 4d but that changes even more stuff. I simply want the hard interval on first time cards to change from 1d to 4d without anything else changing.

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What update are you referring to?

The again button repeats the previous learning step - you need to choose Good or above to make progress.

I updated to the 2.1.61 version and then this change occurred. I have 4 learning steps Again, Hard, Good and Easy. On the first time I see a card the options are Again (<10m) Hard (12.1h) Good (1d) Easy (1.3mo). On the SECOND time I see a card, it USED to be Again (<15m) Hard (4d) Good (6d) Easy (not sure what the time was). But for some reason after I updated it the second Hard interval (4d) is now showing up as (1d) and I want it to go back to 4 but cannot figure out how to get it there.

The behaviour was changed some time back. You can read the discussion from the time here:

Given the lack of complaints from other people since the change was made, I’m afraid an option to go back to the old behaviour is unlikely.

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Thank you!

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