Remapping Answer Buttons for NEW cards: Again—Good—Graduate—Easy?

Currently, there seems to be no way to ‘jump the Learning steps queue’ without going straight to Easy …

For most of my new cards, I’d like to spare myself the ‘rigmarole’ of the Learning steps, but rather graduate them outright; yet, for exceptionally easy cards, I want to preserve the Easy interval

On the other hand, I have ABSOLUTELY NO USE for the current Hard button when learning new cards …

There’s currently no way to do that, and there do not appear to be any add-ons which do that.

What I do is I bury those cards where I want to skip the learning steps, then once I finish the deck, I change the “easy interval” to my graduation interval, and then mark all the cards as easy.

If they are relatively rare, you could just use Set Due Date instead.