Graduating and Easy interval won't translate

My graduating and easy intervals will not translate to my cards correctly. My current settings are 1 10 1440 4320 for new card steps. Graduating interval is 6 and easy interval is 8 days.

Whenever I get to the 4320 study interval, though, my graduating and easy intervals won’t translate to my reviews. The button options are as follows when I hit the 4320 review step for cards: Again: 10 min, Hard: 3 days, Good: 1 day, Easy: 4 days. The again and hard look to be correct to my settings but not good/easy. So it looks like the good and easy intervals are not translating from my settings and are stuck on default settings.

Anyone know how to fix this? Is there an add-on that causes this bug?

There is something called Learning steps. Read this section.

I understand the Learning Steps section. My graduating interval is currently set at 6 days. When my cards reach their last review step (4320), the “Good” button does not display 6 days and graduate the card after selecting it. Rather, the “Good” button is stuck on the default graduating interval which is 1 day I believe.

I’m not sure how to fix this?

Maybe you’re changing the Deck options for the wrong deck? Do you use subdecks?

I’m guessing you adjusted the number of steps while cards were still in learning. You may get odd results until the cards graduate.