Hard interval longer than Easy! HELP!

Hard interval says 6 days, Good interval says 1day! I am confused because the intervals are messed up for all my cards in one deck–hard interval is longer than good and easy! My other decks seem to be working fine. I reset all the cards back to learning but I am scared this will happen again! Any ideas of what could be wrong/how to prevent or troubleshoot?

Again: <15min
Hard: 6days
Good: 1day
Easy: 4days

My settings for steps are: 15 1440 8640

P.S. I looked everywhere online and no one seems to have had this problem :confused: Thanks in advance!

That’s the expected result, so everything works fine. Learning steps are in minutes, so: 15m (1440m = 1d) (8640m = 6d). So your last learning step will be six days.

Now you have to look at your Graduating interval, which is set to 1 day, and your Easy interval which is set to 4 days.

So your last learning interval is 6 days, and your first review interval is either 1 or 4 days. This is what causes this behavior.

If you want the last learning step to be shorter, than your first review interval, consider changing 15 720 1440 which is 15minutes, 6hours, 1day, or simply 15 1440.


As someone who doesn’t use many learning steps I’ve learned something from your answer.
But regarding that part:

Doesn’t the author’s Good interval indicate that his graduation interval is set to 1 day?


@Rumo Good catch, thanks! I’ll edit it.

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