Interval after pressing "Easy" on a relearning card?

I’ve tried to to find out where this value comes from:

Here are the deck options I’m using for this card:

All relearning cards in that deck get always the same value for Easy button: 2 days, even if I change “Graduation interval” to another value, for example, 3.

So it looks like fuzz is not operating here, but why 2 days?

(Using 2.1.50b2)

I think it’s new review interval + 1. As you have set “New Interval” to 0.00, the new review interval (i.e. the interval after finishing relearning steps) is always 1.


Thanks, Rumo, I guess I missed this point from the manual:

Easy immediately converts the card into a review card, even if there were steps remaining. By default, the card will be shown again 4 days later, and then at increasingly long delays. In the v1 scheduler, the “Easy” button will not be shown if you are in relearning mode as it would give the same interval as “Good.” With the v2 scheduler+, when cards are in relearning, the “Easy” button boosts the interval by 1 day.

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