Steps are tweaked

Guys,A vague query, whenever i press good which i mostly press and it works the way it is assigned to, however when i go through the info of the given card and it shows I’ve pressed easy button and thus disorganizes the whole pattern of learning steps moreover I’ve disabled the easy button yet the conundrum continues, want to know, is there any issue with my scheduling or anything i can do to resolve this

in above attached card, I’ve not pressed any button apart from good yet it shows in info that I’ve pressed hard and easy

suggestions please ?

This isn’t really a problem though, it is working exactly as it should

If you want to learn about it → 2:40 - 10:00 The BEST Anki Settings and Algorithm Explained (by an expert!) - YouTube

An extra multiplier applied to the interval when a review card is answered Easy. With the default value of 1.30, Easy will give an interval that is 1.3 times the Good interval (e.g. if the Good interval was 10 days, the Easy interval would be around 13 days).

The multiplier used when you use the Hard button. The percentage is relative to the previous interval: e.g. with a default of 1.20, a card with a 10-day interval will be given 12 days.

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