Vacation with FSRS - advancing and postponing tips

Dear Anki community,

I just changed to FSRS as I have read that it allows you to advance and postpone cards.
This is attractive to me, as I am planning to go on a 10 day vacation in one months time. During that time, I will not review cards but really take a time off studying.
At the moment, I am reviewing roughly 100 cards per day meaning I would be left with 1000 build up cards after my vacation (not a very relaxing thought!).

Do you have any tips how I could use the advance and postpone options to front load the cards (when should I start ideally?) and postpone some cards when coming back (or should I/can I try to advance all of them?)?

I appreciate any tips!
Thanks a lot in advance!

You can use “Advance” and advance 1000 cards right before your vacation, though it would be pretty difficult to go through all of them in a single day. I’m also not sure how many due cards you will have once you come back from vacation. Then you can use Postpone once you’re back, it will help you to get through the backlog.
Overall, there isn’t any “standard” procedure for this, so my best recommendation is to use Advance the day before vacation and do as many cards as you realistically can, then use Postpone once you’re back.

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Thank you very much, @Expertium!
Do you think it would also be an option to start “advancing” cards starting a couple of days prior to reduce the load on the last day before the vacation? Or is there a reason why this wouldn’t work/is considered inferior?

I guess you could try that, yeah

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Okay, I will, thank you!
Do you have any idea how the math on this would work? If I started 10 day in advance and did 100 cards/day, would that “undo” my 10 day pause? I could imagine it is not as simple as that… or is it?

I’m not sure myself

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