Need advice on FSRS retention for exam

Hi everyone, I have a big exam coming up in 3 months and am beginning to use a deck of ~8000 cards with the hope of maturing most of them by my exam date.

I just switched to the new FSRS scheduler and was wondering what the ideal desired retention rate would be for me. I was debating between 0.9 and 0.95 but wasn’t sure if the exponential increase in time spent doing Anki would be worth it in your opinion.

I’m new to Anki and FSRS so any advice is appreciated. Thanks!!

8000 cards in 3 months and the desired retention rate does not sound feasible to me, unless these cards are simple vocabulary cards.

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It’s a medical exam but they’re mostly all close deletions and I’ve learned the content before so I just need a brief refresher — is a 0.9 retention rate still too high? What would you recommend instead? Thanks!!

Start with lower target retention. If you will have spare time before exam do filtered decks or increase target retention and reschedule.

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Sounds like a good idea. If I ended up wanting to increase the desired retention, all I need to do is just change it in the FSRS settings for the deck and re-optimize the parameters right?

You don’t need to optimize parameters. Just change desired retention.
If you want to immediately pull-in reviews with retention lower than set, check also “Reschedule cards on change” when changing target retention.


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