Need advice on FSRS retention for exam (3 month)

Hello guys, I am a 12th high school student , I have a big exam in 3 months and I am starting to use 5 decks of ~400 cards each hoping to mature most of them by my exam date.

I just switched to the new FSRS schedule and was wondering what my desired ideal survival rate would be. I was 0.95 but it takes a long time what should I do to match the test ? Because if it wastes that much of my time, I probably won’t get it

90% desired retention is plenty high to start with.

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should I optimize the parameters and reschedule all cards ? with 0.90

Did you already optimize? If so, you don’t need to reoptimize. The parameters don’t consider your desired retention.

How many cards have you studied or how many reviews have you done with 95%?

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This is for 1 deck {biology}

I must complete 5 decks before the exam (23/6) . I am working on 2 decks now , I have finished the first deck which is biology , I am now working on maths but I have chemistry, physics and english left to finish, but each of them I have to make their cards myself and study them review

That’s about cards that are due in the future.

Since you said you “just switched to the new FSRS schedule” – I’ll assume you haven’t reviewed very many cards at 95% retention.

When you turned FSRS on for the first time, did you “reschedule all cards”? If not, I don’t think you should reschedule now either. Just change the desired retention and keep studying.

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Yes, I have about 525 cards left in the deck, but there are so many reviews that I don’t have much time for the remaining cards, so I study 50 - 100 cards a day from the cards I have added to Anki

I’m having trouble helping you because you’re not answering my questions, you just keep restating the problem.

The best I can do at this point is stick with my recommendation that you reduce your desired retention to 90%.

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@Expertium Is it possible to know how much “knowledge” you have right now or will have in the future for a particular desired retention? I personally cannot even begin to think about what the desired retention should be.