Want to change behavior of back button on current card


A recent ankidroid update changed the action on the displayed card when I am reviewing flash cards and I press the back button on my phone. Specifically, before the update the displayed card was randomly(?) shuffled back into the remaining cards to be reviewed for the day. Now, the displayed card stays remains at the top.

For example: my deck is currently displaying card ABCD. Prior to the update, when I pressed the back button ABCD would be shuffled back into the deck; the next time I opened the same deck a different card, like QWER would be displayed. Now, if I press the back button the next time I open the same deck ABCD is displayed.

I am probably in the minority, but I like the way it was before. Is there a settings option that I overlooked that would allow me to change things in the way I describe above? Is there anything else I can do?

Is this update the first time you’ve been using the v3 scheduler on AnkiDroid? Or did you have it manually enabled in advanced settings it before that?

This could be the typical getting-accustomed-to-v3 adjustment, because you have a lot more ways to fine-tune Display Order now. Take a look at the new options, and see if there’s anything you might want to change. Deck Options - Anki Manual

If you’re already well-versed in v3 and it’s not that – it could be that the reason a card like QWER was shown instead was because of its posture in the moment (e.g. it was a short-interval Learn card that just came due), or that you’re seeing ABCD back-to-back now because it’s the priority card instead. Or it could be that you made edits between then and re-opening the deck that changed which card was going to be shown.

FWIW, I’m certain that there are times I see the same card when I open it to study again, and there are times I see a different card. I just think there are many reasons why either could happen.

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The v3 scheduler presents cards in a consistent order. If you don’t want to review a card, you can bury it, then wait until the next day, or unbury it later.

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I don’t if this is the first time for me to use the v3 scheduler. I haven’t been paying attention to the version numbers or update descriptions. Maybe I should!

Now that I think about it, I think that with one of the recent updates some of the settings were reset. Because before I had new cards displayed at the end but now they seem to be randomly shuffled into the review deck. I hope that there is a setting to change things back to the way they were before.

So I guess the consensus is that I need to study up on the v3 scheduler settings? I was hoping that somebody knew the specific setting that needed to be changed off the top of their head, but I suppose I can review the new Deck Options.

FWIW, I’m certain that there are times I see the same card when I open it to study again, and there are times I see a different card. I just think there are many reasons why either could happen.

This gives me hope that there is a way for me to change the settings back to the way they were before.

For the time being I’ve been doing something like what you are describing, which is delaying a card until the following day. But I don’t like that method as much. I liked it better when I could shuffle a card back into the review deck for the current day, which required just pressing the back button. It requires less effort than accessing the menu and selecting the option to delay the card until the next day… and is safer when driving. Whoops! :sweat_smile:

If that’s the thing you want to change, that’s easy – Deck options > Display options > New/review order. Yes, in v2 that was an Anki-wide setting in Preferences, and now it is configurable by deck/options group.

The FAQ will show you everything that was introduced in v3 – The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions .


Despite trying many different things, I was unable to configure ankidroid to make the back button action the way it was before. It was kind of nice to be able to temporarily delay a card easily without having to go navigate through the menu (especially useful when driving). If anybody has any other ideas or suggestions let me know.

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